New Mexico Elk Hunts

New Mexico Rifle Elk Hunts

nm-elkOur rifle elk hunts take place in multiple units in Western and Northern New Mexico. All our rifle hunts are 5 day hunts and start October 1st and the season ends December 31st. Our early season hunts the bulls will be bugling but our late season hunts in November & December are just as productive with bulls migrating into our rye fields.

With the “Private Ranch Landowner Tag” you will be able to hunt all of our ranches just not one. You also will not need to apply for a tag with the state which is only a 10% draw opportunity anyways. This is a guaranteed tag so you can plan your hunt now and not wonder whether your going to hit the lottery.

Average shots are 200-300 yards but the farther you can shoot the better even out to 600 yards.

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunts

Our 5 day Archery New Mexico elk hunts take place in September. During the pre-rut you will hunt watering holes and wallows. When the rut heats up you will spot and stalk and call bulls in.


Hunters should be prepared to put on several miles a day during the rut and need to be in good physical shape. You should be able to shoot a minimum of 40 yards and out to 70 yards consistently would even be better. Scent control is very important so plan accordingly. It is very warm in September so dress in layers so you can remove gear as the day goes on. 

In New Mexico, we average 320″ class bulls but you have a legit opportunity at a 350″+.  All the elk hunting is spot and stalk and hunters should be in good hiking shape.  The terrain is rolling canyons and Junipers for the most part. Groups up to 6 welcome. Meals, lodging and guide are provided on all of our hunts.


Additional Hunt Info:

  • You must purchase a NM State License.
  • Serious trophy area for some of the finest elk hunting in the world
  • No hunter orange required, can wear strictly camo patterns
  • Experienced guide, lodging, and meals provided with each hunt
  • Non-hunting guests welcome at $200 per day (meals and lodging included)
  • Must be in good physical shape
  • Guaranteed landowner tags available
  • Legit chance to harvest 340″-400″ bull!

Equipment List:

  • binoculars
  • shooting sticks
  • range finder
  • layers of clothing
  • coolers
  • hunting knife
  • scent free spray
  • rain gear
  • head lamp and flashlight
  • camera
  • cloth game bags
  • camo clothing only

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