Ohio Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Abby Abbondanza with Biggest Buck of 2017 - 174 5/8"

Abby Abbondanza with Biggest Buck of 2017 – 174 5/8″

We hunt in Southeast Ohio – arguably one of the best areas in the world to hunt Trophy Whitetails! Year after year Ohio continues to put bucks in the record books.

We hunt on over 8,000 continuous acres (over 9 sq. miles) surrounding the town of Cadiz in Harrison County (it ranks among the top counties in Ohio for deer density per square mile). The closest commercial airport is Pittsburgh, Pa (1:15). The Harrison County Airport is only a few miles away for clients with private planes.

We have undoubtably the best whitetail habitat you have ever seen! Timber ridges,draws, natural travel corridors, apple trees, acorns, 20+ ponds and literally thousands of acres of crown vetch!

We have protein feeders running year round, use the best minerals in the industry, feed alfalfa bales for late season hunts and we broadcast corn – all to ensure healthy, heavy racks on our mature trophy whitetails.  All our hunting is done from blinds or tree stands – there are no deer drives or spot and stalk hunting so our deer are not over pressured.

biologicOur Food Plots are professionally managed by Mossy Oak Biologic Field Plot Specialist Brad Lockwood. These plots are strategically placed in timbered covered pockets so the mature bucks feel comfortable showing themselves in daylight hours.

There is no preferential treatment on stand assignments – every hunters name goes into the hat when they arrive in camp to draw stands, which our clients really appreciate. You will be assigned an area to hunt for the week that will include one food plot and multiple stand locations to hunt the wind.  

ScentLok_CEOWe trophy manage our herd so we do have a 135″ minimum (if you shoot a deer under 135″ there is a $1000 management fee). Let them get old in our country and they will get big!

If you draw blood and wound a trophy, that animal is considered yours. You can only hunt that wounded animal the rest of your hunt.

Our ranch house sleeps 16.  Meals, lodging and semi-guided are all included in our hunt packages. We have 3 different seasons to hunt Archery, shotgun and Muzzleloader.

The greatest thing about hunting world-class whitetails in Ohio is “The Guaranteed  Over the Counter Tag” and the price ($150)!! You will have until July 1st to have your hunt paid in full unless other arrangements have been made. If the hunt needs to be cancelled for any reason between July 1st and the start of your hunt, your hunt will be honored for the following year.

Give us a call to discuss prices or to schedule dates for your hunts. Group discounts available. No non-hunting guests are permitted during whitetail season.


  • Over 8,000 acres of trophy managed property
  • License & tag over the counter ($150)
  • Meals and lodging are included
  • All stands, blinds, and lockons are provided
  • Guide will take you to and from stand location until you feel comfortable getting there
  • Potential to kill a 160″-200″ bruiser!

Ohio Archery Season (October, November, December and January) – $3500

Deer-Austin-156_croppedThese are 5 day trophy whitetail archery hunts held during the pre-rut, rut and post-rut. Weather, feed, the moon and the rut will dictate which one proves to be the best. In October, the deer are un-pressured, are on strong feeding patterns, and have not gone nocturnal. In November, dominant bucks will travel several miles a day checking for does and at any point a Pope and Young bruiser can come rolling in on you. During the rut, we urge our hunters strongly to take a sack lunch with them and sit all day but not required. This is the “premier season” for mature buck sightings!

In December and January the bucks will flock to winter plots and bait piles to check for doe fawns that need to be tended to and to load up on nutrition to make it through the tough winter.

We use one of the most comfortable and safest lockon stands in the industry “The Millennium”. The height to the base of the stand is around 20′. You are required to bring and wear a safety harness. If you are against lockons we need to be notified ahead of time and we can accommodate you in a ladder stand or ground blind.

You will be hunting over feeders, food plots or travel corridors to and from bedding areas. The average shot is 30 yards but certainly doesn’t hurt if you can reach out there farther.

Ohio Shotgun Season (Early December) – $4,000 (4 1/2 days)


These hunts are 4 1/2 days and usually have some post rut activity going on.

Hunters will hunt out of enclosed blinds, ladder stands or ground blinds. Typically the weather is 30-50 degrees and every hunter should be prepared to sit in a ladder stand depending on which one you draw.

We urge hunters to sit all day but certainly not mandatory. You will hunt over feeders, food plots or travel corridors. Average shot is 100 yards.

Ohio Late Muzzleloader (Early January- 4 day hunt) – $3500

deer-tom-calcei-157_croppedThese hunts are 4 day hunts that at times are not the most enjoyable because of the cold temperatures but a lot of the time the most rewarding! We truly believe this is the best time of the year to kill that mature Ohio Monarch because the snow is on, the rut is over ,and the big boys need to pack on the weight to survive the winter!

The typical hunt is out of box blinds over looking winter food plots (turnips, beets and radishes). Bring your own buddy heater if you like. Also be prepared to sit in ladder stands (bring your body suit) if you need to make a move on a monster entering a plot each evening out of reach from your box blind.

You can use muzzleloaders with optics and smokeless powder as well. If you’re looking for a custom built Muzzleloader to bring along with you that will accurately reach out to 700 yards call Bobby Hart from Hart Rifles @ 570-441-4177 or visit the Hart Custom Rifles website.

Equipment to Bring on your Ohio Deer Hunt:

  • hunting license  – click HERE for directions to closest license vendor.
  • binoculars
  • seat cushion
  • coolers
  • rangefinder (optional)
  • fishing gear (optional
  • safety harness (archery only)
  • layers of clothing
  • rubber boots
  • rain gear
  • flashlight
  • scent spray
  • orange vest and hat (Shotgun and muzzleloader season only)
  • knife






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